Sporadic diary entry 7

July 9 2015

Sadly, my web developer has dropped out of the picture. No explanation, nothing, just stopped communicating. Pity. Great pity. Anyway, Sally has said she’ll do it, using WIX so I’m more than happy with that. Not absolutely sure she knows any more about developing a website than I do, but it’s important to get something out there.

Also – God help me – I’ve been adding things to FaceBook. Little updates mainly as to what I’m doing. I should add a FB link to this blog, so’s people can go and have a squint, but I haven’t worked out that yet. Nor have I a clue about friends or how they work. Sally says just go around ‘liking’ things but it seems terribly promiscuous to me so I think I’ll give that a miss.

Also, weirdly, Google can’t seem to find the FB page either.

So in the middle of all this blather I’ve rather reverted back to what I know best. Writing. The first version of Abigail is finished and Sally is adding little chapter graphics. She downloaded a few test pages onto her kindle and and it looks really great.

We aim to publish next couple of weeks. Gulp. I’ll have to see if my Amazon self-publishing ID is still active, and maybe create a business account for all the takings.

Ha! I wish!

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