sporadic diary, entry 4

June 24 2015

have started proof reading first Abigail book. God, it’s hard. Was advised by Sally to at least try and get it grammatically correct regarding colons. Being used to writing business docs, I’d got into the habit of using them before any list, regardless of if the actual items in list were separated by a semi-colon. And also using a colon instead of certain words. For instance: ‘Abigail considered what Tom had said. Then: “OK, we’ll do that.”‘

Also my use of dashes – such as this – for asides. 9 – 12 year olds, she claimed, don’t get them.

There were nearly 100 colons in the first book. All that now remain is 10, all of which are legitimate. And I’m re-writing as I go.

I just hope I don’t squeeze all the spontaneity out of it, to make it as flat as Holland.

Just had an email from the student. She doesn’t think she can do the sort of strong and dramatic illustrations she needs. Pity. I email back wishing her luck.

Two days ago There were (sort of) 4 of us. Now down to 3.

Sally has come up with a stonking cover! But I can’t post it as in wrong format.

Life trundles on.

June 23 2015

Had a good meeting with Sally:

  • Agreed on the cover (hurrah!)
  • Decided to ask student if she has done more dramatic stuff (good!)
  • Talked around the points system (oh, do keep up!)
  • Discussed proof reading Abigail book 1 (yawn)
  • Sketched out the website (hurrah!)
  • Binned advertising with a banner towed by an airplane (Sob)

And probably some other stuff which I’ve forgotten and as my meeting notes are downstairs and I’m too full of baked beans to run down and get them.

I then had lunch, walked the dog and in a moment or two intend starting my action points from the meeting. Oh grief, they’re part of the notes I’ve left downstairs.

So – as usual – I’ll just busk it.

Sally also advised me to start reviewing the books I read, and to make sure I read books by writers in the same genre as Abigail. Good advice. I like being shirty. Might do film as well.

But I must proof read Abigail. Life suddenly seems less exciting.

June 22 2015

The fourth entry in my sporadic diary, and today’s the day I get hold of this project (again). So where are we?

Well, there now seems to be 3 good and talented people (+ myself) working on it/might be working on it for a share of future profits.

A friend’s kids of the right age are reading the first Abigail adventure, and I hope to hear back positively from them soon. I haven’t a clue what I’ll do if they hate it.

The ebook cover is on hold while I make up my mind.

The chapter heading drawings (I’m keen on these: Sally I think is not so keen) haven’t been started yet.

The Abigail website needs constructing (by me) but I haven’t got enough images for that yet. In fact the only image I actually have that I’m happy with is my own cartoonised mugshot, which I’m using for Twitter and expect to use for Facebook.

Twitter has gone moribund because I don’t know what to do with it.

Facebook: a bit like Twitter, ‘cept I haven’t even started it yet.

And now it’s raining.

Onwards! Upwards!

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