sporadic diary, entry 3

June 21st 2015

Nothing from the student, or the web designer. Pity.

Ah, prelim drawing from Uber Edit. She’d said she didn’t think there would be any room for detail on the other side of the grid, and she’s right. So said I’d have to think about it. The ebook cover saga continues!

Nothing much else happening, so I’m going to polish up the second Abigail story.


Didn’t get around doing that, but my student has come back with some fine drawings and I’ve been having a rethink about the cover and so everything’s up in the air (again). Sally has told me I should make up my mind. Cruel person. Told Uber Edit to hold back on the cover and she replied she never much liked the idea anyway.

Watched ‘The Devil Rides Out’ a 1968 horror film based on a pot boiler by Dennis Wheatley. God, they don’t make them like that any more, with the big chinned hero wearing his tailored three piece suit and tie regardless of what he was doing.

Also found one of my old radio plays in BBC archives, so listened to it. Clunky? I’ll say. A page turner? Too right.

June 20th 2015 (yep, yet another diary entry)
thecomplex3_final version

My chap from PPH has delivered the final version of the ebook cover. (If you’ve missed out on the epic tail of the cover, click here) I sorta like it, but Sally (came on board yesterday to handle marketing) doesn’t. Thinks it’s the wrong style, is too complex and anyway gives too much away, as it’s a scene from right at the end. She might be right about style and complexity, but giving too much away? I don’t think that’s actually relevant, or no-one would read and reread books, or go and see a film more than once. People usually know what the ending will be, if not in detail, almost certainly in substance (which can usually be summed up as ‘the good guys win’). It’s the story that counts. Take Mills and Boon. Formulaic story arc starting with pretty girl meeting and disliking handsome man, but this turns into mutual love after a series of misunderstandings. Whoops: ‘Pride and prejudice’, anyone?

And – while I’m in this particular part of the literary jungle: don’t think I think bad of Mills and Boon. I’ve tried writing stuff for them, and believe me, it ain’t easy and I failed miserably. So hats off to the Duke! (As my Dad used to say)

So we’re kinda back to square one with the cover. I’m hoping Uber editor will come riding to the rescue and do something stonking, but I know she’s up to her eyeballs with other stuff.

Going to hop off now and write a spec (for the third go at the cover).


Done it. Click here if you’re interested.

(later still)

Had a G+ Hangouts session with Uber Edit. As I feared, whenever there was a gap in the conversation I filled it with any old rubbish that came into my head. Mostly about some old movie photos on the wall behind her. If I remember right, they were:

  • Jack Nicholson in something. He looked youngish, so maybe five easy pieces. Boring film.
  • The chap with the big nose from Ronan, but I think it was the other one with the girl. Leone? Good film. (Ronan not so good)
  • Casablanca. So so film. African Queen better
  • The matrix. waste of screen time
  • Some others that I’ve forgotten. At least 2001 a space odyssey wasn’t there, perhaps the most over rated and tedious film of all time.

Anyway, Uber Edit is going to give the cover a bash, hurrah!

Saw Jurassic world. Made me jump.

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