Sporadic diary, entry 2

19th June 2015

Dog seems fine: actually ran about a bit this morning.

Anyway: a big day for project Abigail. Sally has come on board. Had coffee and a chat for over two hours, talking about this and that and doing little drawings on scraps of paper. (Her drawings were way better than mine) and in the end she’s signed up (yeah, OK, we shook hands) and we both left with a list of things to do. I think. My notes were not clear as to exactly who does what, and I forgot to mention my pet idea of getting an air banner towed along the south coast on a warm Sunday afternoon.

Her brief is basically marketing and the social media. All the stuff I have little idea of. I feel like I’ve off loaded an ill fitting backpack of rocks.

Web man hasn’t come back yet. I expect reading the book might have put him off.

Also been back in contact with Uber Editor, which is good. She’s got tied up with other stuff, but is willing to lend a hand. Hurrah!

So this project looks like it’s actually taking off (Pshaw to the Boeing Dreamliner!). So contacted my accountant asking advice on my notion of paying people with points to be redeemed against future profits. She came back within an hour suggesting it would be simpler just to give a % of royalties, but to me that raises more questions than it answers.

But then she’s an accountant and bound to have twice the brains I have. But then everyone has twice the brains I have.

Yeah, OK, I don’t really believe that.

I must think this points thing through.


Evening now and I’ve just logged on to update this blog. 118 views yesterday! A record. Hello world!

Oh, OK, not so much ‘hello world’ as ‘ hello a small proportion of a very small village.’ Even smaller if you take into account some of those hits would undoubtedly have been me in incognito mode checking I’d fixed some broken links.

But that’s a high to end the day with. G’night!

18th June 2015

Ah! a bit of progress. A local web developer has been in contact, we’re exchanged emails and he wants to come on board. He’s between projects and sounds really experienced. Hurrah!

I’ve sent him the first Abigail adventure to read. Fingers crossed.

Also last night woke up at 4 for a comfort break and decided to also check dog breathing rate. (Oh, do keep up!) Powered up my phone to use the stop watch and bent over snoozing dog and the phone went bing as it received a text from Bali. Dog woke up so I went and had tea and toast. Checked breathing later and all seems OK. For those of you who know dogs, fact that dog didn’t follow me downstairs – or come down following toast smells – but instead went to sleep, indicates dog is not well. Another thing to think about.

Meantime setting up to meet up with my other local expert, a graphic designer with marketing experience. I’m seeing her tomorrow (A Friday) at 10:30 in a nearby coffee house. I’ve written a list of topics we need to chat about. It was half a page but over the day has grown to nearly three pages. I really had forgotten how complex projects can be once you drill down to the detail.

And with the web man potentially on board I don’t have to think about the website! Harrah again!

17th June 2015

All that nonsense about the dog yesterday was of course a displacement activity.

I really should be thinking about the website.

But to tidy the dog story up, I got the pee, the vet analysed it and says dog looks good from a urinary point of view. I’ve now got to count breaths when he’s sleeping. Should be thirty or less a minute. Any faster might indicate a heart problem.

And the other thing I should be thinking about is who’s going to come on board this project with me. The spirit of this blog (such as it is) is to try and record things honestly and openly as they happen. But that’s easy to say, more difficult to achieve. Particularly when the last thing you want to do is piss people off.

I have just written about a thousand words, just beating about the bushes. I deleted it as long-winded and just another way of prevaricating.

OK, to cut to the chase. Uber editor has gone quiet on me, and I hesitate to give her a nudge and anyway I’ve fixed up to meet my local expert and as nothing’s sorted in any direction I’m trying to keep all the balls in the air without letting go of my own.


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