Sporadic diary, entry 1

This is the first entry in what will be a sporadic diary of the project as it evolves. Sometimes there’ll be a few days per entry, or if I get a big day, then only one. We’ll see how it pans out.

Yep, OK, so I’m reverting to a more conventional blog/diary …. well, it just seems simpler …..

June 16th 2015

Starting to have serious doubts about the website. Not sure my skills are up to it, but I know one thing for sure: my bank balance isn’t up to funding a professionally built one.

So maybe what I do is try to turn this blog into a more fully blown website: a showcase for promoting all my books. OK, I have another book – totally different style, not even set in a dystopian future –  in the wings, waiting to see if Abigail starts to fly.

This blog would then just become a menu item (called ‘blog’) in the grand scheme of things. Have to think about it.

Taking dog for a walk.

(A couple of hours later)

Well, the dog’s been walked: very pleasant, through the woods and for once not a single trial bike in sight or sound. So I was able to give the ‘what do I do about the website’ problem my full attention. And d’you know what? I spent a lot of my time thinking up the best way of getting a wee sample from my dog. In my head I invented a Heath Robinson contraption involving wheels and pulleys and ropes but when I got back googled ‘how to take urine sample from a dog’ and watched a video. It’s not that complicated. I’ll do it tomorrow. Sample is needed because dog’s been getting more and more lacklustre of late and when I met a vet (out walking his dog) he said to pop a sample along as they can tell a lot from a simple analysis, and it’s cheap. Of course what he actually means by ‘cheap’ is ‘less mind-blowingly expensive’.

All of which fiddle-faddle means I have decided nothing about the website, or indeed about anything, so business as usual.

June 15th  2015.

Both the website and the ebook cover seem to be taking shape.

The situation so far:

Having decided to build a reasonable website for my heroine (Abigail Saltminder) it is evident I need help with the illustrations and  (probably) the website. So I advertised in Gumtree for a web developer/designer and a graphic artist, their time and expertise to be paid for with a share in future profits. And if you want to know how that might work, click here.

Lots of replies, but right now these have narrowed down to two graphic designers/artists, a student graphic artist and zero web developers.

In another strand, the ebook cover has been trundling along at a steady pace and we have finally agreed on a layout, which is pretty much as described here. I am hoping to see the finished article in a few days time.

However, I am not sure the cover is correct, so we might not use the one under development.

So lots of things in the air at the moment


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