SEO and this blog

I didn’t know anything at all about SEO until about a week ago. Since then I’ve read about it and tried some things out and written posts. Slowly, the mist is clearing.

This page serves as a quick reference and anchor point for the SEO activity within this blog. So if you’re interested in my attempts to optimise this site as far as search engines are concerned, read on.

To be frank, I’m trying to make it a cornerstone document. It’ll aid your navigation and also help with search engine ranking. So I’ll be updating it as I add posts. And on each post I’ll be adding ‘back’ buttons to add to the internal references. My understanding is the more references you have to a page or post has pointing at it, the more important it becomes to the various search engines.

Who knows? One day this blog might get as far as the first page on Google and Bing et al.

So here we go, from the start to where we are now:

  1. SEO: First steps
  2. SEO: Second steps
  3. SEO: Third steps
  4. SEO: Forth steps

Note: my understanding is that for most sites, Search Engine Optimisation is a must. But for me and this blog? Not sure. Take a ganders at: SEO: should I bother?

And, if you’re feeling really masochistic, I’ve written up my take on why you’re probably wasting your time if – like me – you’re just one person with small resources drinking tea and tap-tapping away in the corner. Unless your site is so niche no-one wants to find it anyway! Why Google is (probably) going to ignore you

And then I went to see an expert. Probably a bad move: I’ve just had a session with a social media expert..