Tweaks to this blog

Some more tweaks I’ve asked to have done to this blog. 

1. Comments. I find this very confusing. there are a lot of plugins offering different things, most of them untested with ‘your version of WordPress’ What I’m after is a simple ‘add a comment’ widget at the bottom of each page/post. Or always in the sidebar but – obviously – reflecting the page or post they were added to.

If you look at you’ll see what I mean.

I suppose I’m after all comments, but want to make the process very easy. I have already installed Akismet, and can see it seems to have blocked what look like spam.

(Update: have mainly resolved this)

2. I don’t know about users: what settings I need to set, etc. Obviously, this ties in with 1. Comments. and also related to this are

3. Sharing buttons. Considering the purpose of the blog is to generate publicity and interest, I think all sharing buttons should probably be available. not sure, what say you?

4. (and this is really annoying) posts arrange themselves by date within categories and therefore within menus. Without going to the tedious extent of creating a new sub category for each post, is there a simple drag and drop I can use to organise posts within categories that works with my version of WordPress and theme? If so please shove it in there.

(Update: have mainly resolved this)