Third cover spec

This is almost embarrassing, doing yet another of these. But getting the cover right is really important and so off we go again.

There is an episode in the story where Abigail goes along a secret tunnel through the jungle and at the end is confronted by a locked grid of iron bars. Beyond is a military compound and a small space-flyer (the starburst, which represents escape) She realises she is actually a prisoner:

In spite of knowing it didn’t really matter, she pressed herself to the curving wall and crept slowly forward. As she moved, the end of the tunnel revealed itself. As a gate, firmly locked.

It was made from a grid of iron bars. The square holes were big enough for George but not for her. Abigail reached the gate and stood there, looking through. On the other side there were lights, vehicles, people walking about, casually chatting. Some were eating. She heard laughter. In one of the barracks there was music playing. The starburst was close, only a few yards away, but as unobtainable as the moon.

All normal. In fact somewhat cheerful. The sort of Sparmy life she’d secretly hoped for.

Abigail grasped the bars with her hands, feeling the unyielding metal cutting into her palms. It brought into sharp hard focus what she already knew: she might be ‘special’, but in reality she was a prisoner.’ 

Oh God, I feel another completely crap drawing coming on.

IMG_20150620_114203673Only this time I’m not going to apologise in advance. Like an arthritic elderly vicar in a surplice playing tennis, it is what it is and what it is is the best it can be.

I just made that up.

Anyway, there’s the tunnel surrounded by dense jungle foliage and at the end, backs to us, are Abigail and George looking at the inner compound and the Starburst. George is a small bichon like dog; the starburst is about the size of a small family car.

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