The Adventures of Abigail Saltminder 3. First draft written!

Well, onwards and upwards we go. ‘The Adventures of Abigail Saltminder 1: The Complex’ and ‘The Adventures of Abigail Saltminder 2: The Underside’ are both out there in Kindleland, and I’ve just finished the first draft of ‘The Adventures of Abigail Saltminder 3: The Core.’

Now I have to tuck it away for a while before I start the hard work of rewrites and more rewrites. My aim is to get it in a fit state to be read and commented on by my critical friends (Sally and Chris) by the end of this month (Oct 2015). That gives me 3 weeks, which ain’t long. But then these books ain’t long either, so hopefully it’ll all balance out.

One thing I won’t change is the opening sentence of the prologue:

The girl – and that dog of hers – had gone. In the end it had been like a visitation from a small tornado: unexpected and violent, but not too much damage.

I also have a good idea of the cover design, which will show Abigail and George looking over a vast level surface, with hanging lights above and mysterious, wrinkled spheres scattered around. In the distance, against the far wall is a curving flight of steps to a small landing and a closed door. At the base of the steps is a pile of what appears to be rags. To the side is a small mound of pulverised soil and, just discernable, borrowing into the mound, a segmented, hollow metal tube about a yard across.

Of course by the time Sally has declared the image as being too busy, and suggests something different or simpler, God knows what the cover will be like. But she’ll nail it but good.

But whatever: even now, it’s a stonkingly fine read and after rewriting and polishing and being criticised and rewritten, it’ll be as gripping as superglue.

In other words, a worthy addition to Abigails 1 & 2!

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