So where am I now? In social media hell

So it’s been a few weeks since Abigail 1 (The Complex) was published, sent forth to conquer an entirely indifferent world. Conquer? I think not. 2 copies sold, one to a friend of Sally’s and one to a daughter of mine. Both supportive, but no real feedback, no review and I rather think they haven’t actually read them. Or if they have they kept quiet because they either hated it or didn’t manage to finish. And if the latter then it’s really the equivalent to hating it as it’s only a 90 minute read, and if you can’t find space in your day to finish a book that short, well …..

So what am I doing now? Trying desperately to utilise social media to generate some reviews, preparing Abigail 2 (The Underside) for publication and writing the first draft of Abigail 3 (The Core).

In other words it’s decapitated chicken time in social media hell.

It’s the Social Media stuff that really gets me, as I not only don’t get it, I don’t know why I don’t get it. I mean I’m pretty smart, I’ve lived a life, cripes, I’ve even been to Bournemouth! But it all appearsĀ so intrusive, somehow. Particularly Twitter, which seems exactly the same as wandering about a crowded street muttering to yourself. I’ve been forcing myself to tweet once a week, and I try to make it witty, but always a self-conscious, false self-deprecating note manages to creep in, as if, behind the scenes I’m really saying ‘haha, look at me, trying to use SM to market my book, ain’t I just theĀ business, haha!

I’ve also joined FaceBook, but can’t think of anything to say or share, and GoodReads where I’m struggling to complete my profile, and the Kindle Users Forum, where everything seems so hidden beneath layers of menu options I haven’t yet managed to find out or look at any comments people have made to my ‘hello there’ post.

No, tell a lie: I did, once, and wrote a reply to a woman who said welcome aboard or some such, but since then haven’t been able to work out how I got there.

So what happens is that after an hour or two making absolutely no headway I give up and try and get on with Abigail 3, but by then I’m depressed and down and nothing much gets done.

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