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OK, I’ve been reading up about SEO, and thinking hard about how it works. The initial confusion is beginning to evaporate. Think now of a mist that allows you to see a piece of toast instead of a fog that obscures your entire breakfast.

So, to start, I’m changing the names of the other two SEO posts:

first steps with SEO‘ becomes ‘SEO: first steps‘ and similarly ‘second steps with SEO‘ becomes ‘SEO: second steps.’

And in due course I’ll be adjusting the names of other posts. For instance ‘First steps with Twitter‘ will become ‘Twitter: first steps.

Why? OK, here’s the link that tells you why. Early words are more important than later ones. OK, so moving ‘SEO’ or ‘Twitter’ four words to the left really isn’t going to make a difference: let’s be realistic, a Googler typing in ‘Twitter’ isn’t going to find this website on the first page. Or the first few thousand. Or indeed in the first million.

But it does show willing and also I like the internal consistency.

I’ve also found you can change the actual name of the website as far as the search engines are concerned, in SEO>General>your info. It also allows you to put in an alternate name that Google could look for, so I’ve left the website name as ‘The Abigail Saltminder project‘ on the hopeful basis that when my stuff becomes famous, fans will be Googling ‘Abigail Saltminder,’ and I want to make sure they find this website! But I set the alternative title to ‘Ebook publishing and marketing, an ongoing adventure‘ in the hope it’ll garner a few more hits.

Next, I plan to attack what they call ‘meta data’ which – as far as I can tell – means things that are site wide. Not sure. Nope, it doesn’t. Just discovered you can add it at post level. When you’re next editing a post, scroll down and you’ll see a bit called ‘WordPress SEO by Yoast’ if it isn’t there you either haven’t installed the plugin or you need to go to the top, open up ‘screen options’ and check the obvious checkbox.

Anyway, if you do that you can add a focus keyword and a meta description. This is useful as this description get put into the ‘snippet’ if Google ever gets round to finding your website. For this post I’ve set the ‘Focus keyword’ to ‘SEO’ as that’s the main topic, and in the meta description I’ve put ‘Finally feel I’m getting somewhere with some of this SEO stuff! But a few days ago I didn’t know it existed’

So, when this site pops up in Google, as long as the Googler used ‘SEO’ in the search term, it’ll look something like:

SEO: third steps > The Abigail Saltminder project       15 May 2015 – Finally feel I’m getting somewhere with some of this SEO stuff! But a few days ago I didn’t know it existed

Note I say ‘something like’ as this WordPress text editor is pretty basic, and I  haven’t worked out how to do much more than type it in.

OK, this is all good, but I have a feeling I’m not making use of my $15 report from my expert from Fiverr. And I should really be concentrating on that. BTW she’s still ignoring me. Ah well, there goes her chance of being named in this blog. In a year’s time – when I’m rich and famous – she’ll be kicking herself.

And yes, I do know I could name her to shame her, but I’m not really into negativity.

I’ll write a post about my attempts to implement the report called (but of course) SEO: forth steps

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