Face a bit like a young Jane Fonda

Here we go. Well, I couldn’t find a single image that’s anything like my conception of Abigail, so I’ve had to resort to building her from bits and bobs ….¬†We start with the face. All important. Intelligent and determined with elements of both ruthlessness and vulnerability. Well obviously a young Jane Fonda springs to mind. Sigourney Weaver also crept into contention (probably because she can fight aliens), but I think the Fonda just edges it.


And Hair? Short, black? Liza Minnelli in Arthur.


And body? Well, Abigail’s no lissom graceful swan. She’s short and roundish, strong and tough. An endomorph, but slightly more evenly spread than your classic pear shape.


And what’s she wearing? Combat fatigues of some kind, with big boots, trousers tucked into socks, utilitarian pocks. There are lots of images for this, but I’ll go with Bruce Willis.

uniform 2

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