OK, so I know I have been neglecting this blog ….

… in fact I’m not sure what to do with it now. I started it as a way of keeping track of where I was with The Abigail Saltminder Project, hoping it might also prove useful to other people engaged on the same sort of journey as myself.

Well, now I’m three books in and am writing the fourth, and most of the queries and questions I started with have been (sort of) answered. The project has entered a different phase and I’m really not sure what to do with this blog.

I somewhat doubt it’s of much interest to anyone, although I get a steady stream of visitors probably hoping for more personal information and loads of photos, links and what have you. All the social media stuff which is still a mystery to me. I read an article the other day about social media which started something like ‘I’m assuming you’re all familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram..’  Ha! Facebook seems intrusive, Twitter confusing but Instagram…? right now, I believe it’s something to do with photographs. And yes, I know I could look it up, the info is only a click away, but why should I bother? I have better things to do, like picking fluff out of my belly button or staring out of the window. Enough of this activity displacement! I have to decide what to do with this blog. Seems like I have the following options:

  1. (The nuclear option) Write a grand conclusion (maybe this post could be it?) and remove links so it isn’t reached by people looking for something more personal. Or
  2. (The evolution option) Change this blog so it becomes more personal. Or
  3. (The euthanasia option) Remove links (in FB et al.) and allow it to just wither on the vine until the site rental becomes due, then not pay it. Instead I could be more active on other sites (FB et al.) Or
  4. (The I’m already bored with this option) Just keep the blog going, posting whenever and see how it goes.

And right now, as it’s lunchtime, I’m going for 4.


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