A comment about comments

I’ve just had what looks like a genuine comment, so I’ve replied. But it was at the front page level. I must find a way of putting comments neatly at the bottom of each page!

(30 mins later)

OK, have had a look in help, and it seems pretty easy, so I’ve gone through each page and post and under ‘screen options’ ticked the ‘discussion’ option, which then shows you the ‘allow comments’ checkbox.

There’s a clear WordPress help page about it here, although I’m still not sure about ‘Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page.’

Also, the genuine comment doesn’t really belong on the front page, so I’ve moved it to to where it seems to belong: second steps with SEO. Click here for the plugin I found for this.

And then, to remove the ‘Comments are closed’ comment on the front page, I’ve found another plugin. It works, but for some reason when I tried to insert a link to it, it failed. Something to try and fix. One day. For now I just hope it keeps working.

But I do find the wordpress default comments stuff pretty clunky, and I’d like something more streamlined. Will investigate. One day. Again.


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