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I’ve been thinking about this whole SEO thing. I seem to have been beavering away for days now and not getting anywhere. Probably I’m too impatient. OK, almost certainly I’m too impatient.

But I keep coming around and back to the central reason for doing a blog and this whole marketing exercise.

The reasoning is here and is: Get reviews on Amazon, early and fast.

And to do this I need to create some interest: readers, clicks, links, relating to Abigail Saltminder and/or Toby Zara.

And in this analysis, I’m not that bothered if someone finds (or doesn’t find) this blog if they’re only interested in how to promote a kids ebook. True, if they do find me then they might go on to find Abigail on Amazon and then read the first one and then give a review, but we’re talking rapidly decreasing percentages and so I ask again: is it worth it?

And the answer really has to be no.

On reflection the fast way to get my reviews on Amazon is:

  1. Create Facebook pages for Toby Zara and Abigail
  2. Create Twitter accounts for Toby (done) and Abigail (on my todo list)
  3. Publish the first Abigail book, with links to FB and this blog and Twitter accounts
  4. Constantly use FB and Twitter

And then we have the process going in the correct direction. People who are looking for a kids adventure ebook will browse through Amazon. So some of them, one way or another, will find Abigail. And then a proportion will download and then review. OK, so again we’re talking diminishing percentages, but this time of a population that’s interested in the first place. Must be good.

And why do I say to create the FB and Twitter accounts first?

Well, for starters I don’t have a cover yet and research has shown Amazon browsers are more likely to download a book if they can click through to a FB page or Twitter account for the author. I suppose it makes it more personal, like randomly meeting a writer in a bookshop and having a chat. And then buying his book.

OK, so that’s the theory.

I’d better start putting it into practice …. lawks!

Back to SEO and this blog

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