I’ve just had a session with a social media expert

In spite of all, I’m still dithering about how to go about FaceBook. So I Googled ‘social media and web design’ or somesuch, picked a local company and left a message, as they were all in a meeting. Of course they were. 

Anyway, they rang back when I was in a supermarket looking at yoghurt, and they said ‘that’s not far, come along now.’ So I did.

In my shorts, clogs and polo shirt, clutching a pot of Greek Yoghurt with apple and cinnamon.

OK, it’s a small firm (maybe 6 people impressively tapping away in front of large monitors) with the MD holding forth to a minion. We went into the conference/meeting/probably only other room, and I ate a caramel bar while he gave me what was (I suspect) his standard spiel for the intelligent but social media unsavvy types who drift in.

He asked me what I was trying to do. I told him. He asked me the plot. I told him. And then he tried to find my book on Amazon. I told him it wasn’t there yet, but apparently this was not germane.

And he was right, it wasn’t. The breakdown, even rounded down, is pretty depressing.

For books for the ages of 9 – 12: 340,000

within that, fiction: 163,000

within that, action and adventure: 29,000

within that, sci-fi: 28,000

within that, kindle books: 12,000

within that, English: 10,000

within that, those under £1: 1,200

So even if we have someone looking for a very cheap English language kindle sci-fi action and adventure book for a 9 – 12 year old, there’s still over a thousand possible books to choose from.

So sheer numbers indicate Abigail isn’t likely to be stumbled upon, even by someone who knows precisely what kind of book they want.

So suddenly the causal analysis in  SEO: should I bother? looks somewhat hopeful. To say the least. Maybe the idea of having an airplane fly an advertising banner ‘Google Abigail Saltminder‘ along the coast on a hot day isn’t such a bad idea after all.

And just to round up my meeting: he spoke about FaceBook and Twitter, telling me what they were (I already knew) but not how to utilise them for marketing (which is what I wanted to know). And after about an hour I took up my yoghurt and went home.

He was very good value and generous with his time.


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