Finally, Toby Zara has got a FaceBook page!

Well, after maybe two months of prevarication and dither, Toby Zara’s FB page is in existence, with an added page for Abigail.


Ha! Remember all my numerous words about how I was gong to do it and what images to show? All blown away by hurricane force Sally. She created it, put in some images and kindly suggested changing my mug shot to a cartoon she’d done of a generic type sitting at a typewriter, with a wobbly mug of coffee to one side. I objected to the typewriter, wanting Toby to at the very least exist sometime since typewriters were phased out in the last 20 odd years or so. But having spent a lot of time asking her how to ‘do’ social media, it is beholden on me to take her advice.

So, there y’go. Toby Zara now has a FaceBook page, and the world hasn’t suddenly ground to a halt.

You can visit it here!

And Abigail’s page here!

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