Marketing Abigail (overall)

OK. Marketing is a huge topic. You can get a degree in it. There are high paid, prestigious jobs. So what am I doing, writing about it? Well, I may not know much about marketing but what the heck: as far as I can see, it’s not so much science as art. And, being art, is open to just about anyone to pitch in.

so here I go …

After due thought, I have decided what I want this marketing exercise to do is quite specific and can be summed up in 7 words:

Get reviews on Amazon, early and fast.

Please notice I don’t stipulate ‘good reviews,’ as that would be dumb. Unless you write them yourself* you can’t control what people think of your work. I have confidence in Abigail, and if she’s shot down in flames well …… the ride has been interesting!

So, how do we go about it? How do we interest enough 9 – 12 year old kids (or their families) to get hold of Abigail, read and then review?

Well – obviously – the name ‘Abigail Saltminder’ needs to become known. Incidentally, I picked the name simply because – to me – it seems memorable and  – importantly – unique. A bit like ‘Toby Zara,’ even though I don’t think that’s as unique as I first thought.

OK, so I could hire a plane to trail an advertising banner around. A percentage of people would then be intrigued enough to give it a Google, and  then a percentage of them would actually end up reading/reviewing. I haven’t looked into it, but I imagine it’d be both expensive, vulnerable to the weather and even more costly on public holidays. Probably not a thing to be done. After all, if it were effective, it’d be done more frequently. I’ll reserve advertising by plane for when I’m both rich and desperate. Which means never, as if I get rich I doubt I’ll be desperate.

So, we’re left with things that are inexpensive. In turn that means stuff I can do, sitting in my little office, tap-tapping away on my keyboard, with a reasonable (but not particularly fast) cheapo internet connection.

Yep, we’re talking Social Media.

In Wikipedia, Social Media is defined as:

computer-mediated tools that allow people to create, share or exchange information, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and networks.

Or some such. I think it means having contact with people over the web. It’s not a term from my childhood. Or youngmanhood. Or indeed middleagedmanhood. God, I was already starting to wind down for retirement when Facebook began it’s attempt to take over the world. My kids use Facebook. I never have. And Twitter? Well, there was The tortoise incident. (OK OK, the actual incident was halfway down that post. When I know how I’ll make it a paragraph level link). I have heard of Instagram, and a quick Google tells me it’s a way of sharing photos and videos. So not much help. For the moment.

So – for now – let’s concentrate on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook looks more complicated and anyway I haven’t got my cartoonised mugshot yet, so Twitter here we go.

(An hour or so later)

OK, I’ve had lunch and created a Twitter account for Toby Zara, done a tweet (‘Here we go‘) and managed to get a link on this blog. The trouble is, when this whole marketing exercise is truly up and running I’ll have to think of more interesting things to say. There’s always a downside.

Follow my further adventures with Twitter here

* Yep. I know, people often do write their own reviews.

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