I’ve got to create a development site!

I’m getting more and more nervous about trying things out with this blog, just incase someone – anyone! is looking at it and then I go and break it. For instance I’d like to sort out the comments, so I installed a new plug in…..

… and immediately my whole site was splattered social media icons: FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and a whole load more I’ve never even heard of. I hastily disabled it because sods law states my one and only visitor for like, forever would look at my site at that precise moment and be put off.

So I need somewhat private where I can beaver away unseen, making mistakes and trying things out.

In short – obviously –  I need a development site, which I can protect from public view with a ‘work in progress’ plugin.

So I’ve gone and bought a couple more sites:

  • tobyczara.com which I’ll use for development and
  • abilgailsaltminder.com which I grabbed because if Abigail takes off she’ll need something more substantial than just a FaceBook page. Or maybe not.

I’m now going to raise a ticket to my webhost tech team, asking them to copy the whole of tobyzara.com to tobyczara.com. I’m not sure how this will work, but as long as the live site doesn’t get broken, it won’t matter too much if it takes a day or so to sort out tobyczara.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

(Next day)

OK, so I got this wrong. I haven’t bought a couple more sites, I’ve bought a couple more domains, which – apparently – is not the same thing. Who knew? Well me, I suppose, had I bothered to do a little research.

Anyway, after an extensive livechat with one of the guys from TMD hosting, I’ve coughed up another few smackers for a upgrade that allows me to create as many websites as I like under all the domains I own. At least, that’s what I think I’ve bought. There’s always a point in technical discussions where I just start nodding my head like a metronome, or one of those oil-wells you see in old films set in Texas.

I think this web stuff for me resembles tax returns, or gardening or cooking: I just loose interest so quickly it’s like I’ve removed a parachute and pushed my brain out of an airplane.

Anyway, I should be in a position soon to create my development website. Hurrah! Joy! Onward! Upward!

Again: I’ll let you know how it goes.

(some days later..)

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