I’ve created a development site …. be warned!

OK, for those of you who’ve blundered into this post before reading I’ve got to create a development site! the story so far:

  1. Couldn’t just create the site, had wrong sort of license from TMD hosting.
  2. Bought tobyczara.com domain. Not sure if this was necessary. My knowledge of how domains and sites fit together is somewhat rudimentary.
  3. No site appeared, so upgraded my license.
  4. Raised ticket to create new site and copy all data etc over.
  5. Ticket done. No site appeared that I could find.
  6. Gave it a day or two. Still no site. Raised a where’s my site? ticket.
  7. Answer came back, give it another couple of days.
  8. Walked the dog, met up with friends, lunched out, discussed bedding. Slept, walked the dog, drank coffee, had a nice lunch and an afternoon nap, walked the dog, watched TV, slept, woke up and lo and behold, development site has appeared!

And that’s when the troubles really started, as most of the links didn’t work, and if they did work were pointing back to the live site. And as one is called tobyzara.com and the other tobyczara.com, it was often hard to see the difference.

I did a 5 minute Google and ended up installing a new plugin, which did global edits. Lined the bugger up and said change all instances of tobyzara.com/ to tobyczara.com/ and was about to hit the ‘go’ button when I noticed it saying ‘make sure to backup your database before running this.’

So another Google, another plugin,  and the database is backed up.

Ran the global edit and it said it’d changed absolutely nothing. But the site was even more broken than before. Nothing seemed to work. Even external links seemed to throw a wobbler, like a cantankerous old granny looking at a dog crapping in her kitchen.

So I restored from the backup, and – hurrah! – it worked.

Found a plugin that would report broken links. Installed it, ran it, and it found maybe 21 broken links. Even said the ones going out to my live website were broken, but god knows how it knew.

Started going through fixing them. Posts began vanishing under my nose. Everytime I changed a link, it seemed to post a comment and then move the post to the bin.

Depressing? Yes.

So I restored everything from the bin and thus got a load of random pages I’d consigned to the scrap heap weeks ago.

And fixed all the links I thought I could fix.

I’m now going through every link (there’s maybe 30 of them) making sure it all works.

And I thought it’d be simple.

Onward, upward!

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