Hints and Tips

Well, I’ve been beavering away now for quite a few weeks at this blog, and along the way I’ve learnt some stuff that doesn’t really fit into:  my does and don’ts. So I’ve started this post. To the more experienced blogger, they may seem obvious. Fine: as they say when the football results come up on the TV, if you don’t want to know the score, look away now. A thought: how do they do that on the radio? They can’t say ‘OK, you can start listening again now’ when the results have been read out. Another thought: I don’t really care.

  1. Use private/incognito browsing…. when just wanting to check what your edits look like to the outside world. I found it really annoying when logged onto my site in edit mode (I’m using WordPress, BTW) that if I started a new tab and fetched up my site, that also would be in edit mode. OK, so you can ‘view site’ which reduces the edit presence, but – to me at any rate – it’s not the same. Use private or incognito browsing and this problem goes away. Also it helps your viewing stats, as it doesn’t haul an old version of the site out of your browsing history. Well, that’s the theory, anyway!


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