Hello to all my readers!

……. and a big apology for not having done anything with this blog for a while. To tell the truth I sorta thought no-one was reading it, so I’ve been in a ‘woe is me’ mode about it for a week or so. Anyway, here’s an Abigail Saltminder update:

  • Abigail 2 (‘the Underside’) has now been published, with a super-dooper cover done by Sally (note to self: add to this blog)
  • The website is now out there (note to self: add link to this blog)
  • I am currently 17k words into Abigail¬†3 (‘The Core’) out of a projected 20k. So that should be published maybe November. Again, it’s fast and pacy with plenty of things happening. By writing in 20k chunks I’m trying to avoid the mid-novel doldrums. You know what I mean: the boring bit in the middle between the big bang start and the explosive end. Usually when character is explored and relationships are developed and conversations are had, when all you want is for someone to come through the door with a gun and start shooting.

And in other news …… nothing. Still can’t work out what to do with FaceBook, so haven’t logged on for weeks. I hear they are adding a ‘dislike’ button. Sounds like one of the dumber ideas of our time, as surely it’s ambiguous? Supposing someone posts a selfie where they look awful with the comment ‘WTF! I look dreadful!’ And someone dislikes it, what’s that meant to mean? But then I’m coming from the standpoint of someone who’s never done a ‘like’ anyway.

And Twitter?¬†I’ll try and do a tweet later today, but more and more Twitter resembles a crowded street where everyone is mumbling to themselves and no-one is listening.

So all is normal at planet Toby c. Zara!

‘Nuff said!



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