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Coming in from Gumtree? Follow this link

OK, so I have to craft this carefully. Needs to catch the attention.

I’ve just visited Gumtree, and had a look at posting an ad. Not a thing I’ve done before. And what d’you know: it’s a bit more structured than shoving a postcard in a shop window.

It looks like I might have to post 2 adverts: one in the ‘creative arts and design’ category, and the other in ‘web design and web developers.’ You put up a quick job outline and then a more detailed description.

Time for lunch.

(An hour or so later)

Quick job descriptions:


Graphic artist required, probably short term.

Web design:

Web designer/developer required, probably short term.

And I think the same longer description could be for both:

I am marketing a kid’s adventure ebook that I intend to self publish in a month or so. As part of this I’m developing a website. I can do the words, but I need an artist for the art and a web designer/developer for the site. Now please read this carefully: I don’t have enough spare money to pay immediately. So what I’m offering is a proportion of future profits (if any.) This is all explained in my blog: So if you are interested, have a good look and then – if you still want to take part – email me and I’ll send you the first episode of my book. Read it and maybe ask a kid to read it. And then – if you think it’s a goer – contact me and we’ll take it from there. I’m not going to make any quick decisions on this, so take your time and do email with any queries or questions.

Umm, I dunno: gets the job done but is a bit dull. Will need to think about it….

(later, after walking the dog)

I suppose I could go all optimistic: ‘Hi! Want to make loads of dosh? No? Then don’t read on….

No, that’s trashy and a bit rubbish, and I’m not sure the double negative makes sense. Really, all I want is a couple of talented people who’ve read ‘Abigail Saltminder 1: the complex‘ and believe it’s got enough potential to be worth investing time into. And live close enough to have a chat with. This long distance working over the web is all very well, but I kinda miss the human touch.


Have had a bit of a think. Maybe the quick job descriptions need revving up. How about:

Graphic artist required for speculative project.

Or even:

Graphic artist required for interesting (but speculative) project.

Yep, let’s go with that. (and the same for web design)

(Five minutes later)

Just popped over to Gumtree to put in my ad. Going to cost £24.99! Per ad! And here was me thinking it was free. Oh well, I feel kind of committed now, so there goes another £50….

.. and now they’re telling me I can’t put a link into the description but have to put it into a special ‘add a link’ section for another £9.99. I suppose I could just say ‘google toby zara’ but they might pick this up as well… sod it, there goes another £20. This whole thing is getting way more expensive than I thought.

I’m now sitting in Gumtree seeing if anyone has viewed my ad …….

.. the excitement is killing me. I think I’ll go and watch TV for a while ……

(2 minutes later)

OK, I lied. I’m watching like a hawk. Nearly 15 minutes and no one has read either of them yet. What’s wrong with you people?


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