Finding a cartoonised mugshot

If you have a squint at the ebook cover you’ll see I’ve used PeoplePerHour in the past and now I’m having a go with Fiverr. And for my cartoonised mugshot I’m sticking with them.

A reminder: I need this mugshot to add a bit of variety to the images I have of myself when posing as Toby Zara.  

OK, so it’ll be the same headshot, but done as a line drawing of some kind. I’ve sent off my photo of a photo to one of the artists on Fiverr, whose work seems to be along the right lines, and we’ll see what happens.

I’ll update this later, and if it works out fine post a link right here.

(Two days later)

Nothing. I’ll try again. I have the same problem finding an artist for the cover. One wouldn’t think it’d be so hard giving people work.

(one hour later – give or take)

OK, tried again: sent my photo of a photo to another artist …… now taking dog for walk

(1 day later)

Hurrah! Second artist has replied and can do it, so I’ve ordered one.

And here it is, from pudingvektor through Fiverr. Stonking!


I’m now using this mugshot in Twitter and now …. FaceBook ….. crumbs …. slowly, slowly, the plan is coming together.

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