Abigail’s website. Preliminary sketches

At some point I’ll have to start thinking about how I want Abigail’s website to look.

Ha! I’m no artist, and my visual imagination is pretty poor, but I’ve had a go on a bit of paper with a ball point pen, and then taken a photo using my camera …..



Oh God, that’s rubbish. Try again, with a pencil this time ……


…umm. I don’t think I’ll win any competitions. Anyway, the basic idea is Abigail and George (small white fluffy dog) are to the left. An action bar runs horizontally across about 60% up. Above this is a view of some v-cities, standing rusty and large in a bleak landscape, with maybe a couple of flyers. Below are the Abigail books and below them is an image of the e-spiders prowling along a v-city night time street. On the right hand side is a widget area for news, comments etc.

Suggested links for the action bar are: Abigail’s world, Virtual friends, Friends and probably some more.

All pretty conventional.

Oh, I dunno, could I do it? Not the artwork, obviously, but create the actual site? I mean, with all the things out there like WordPress, I could probably give it a shot.

And with the way things are looking on Gumtree at the moment, I might have to …

2 thoughts on “Abigail’s website. Preliminary sketches

  1. Hello,
    I have been reading your article, long winded but still an article of sorts.
    I am a keen concept designer (drawings, sketches, into design, entertainment design, advanced design, and illustration) I studied at B&P college or art and design for 6 years and during those years qualified as a graphic designer. I graduated from Bournemouth Uni as a CAD engineer a few years after college.
    I have made websites in the past but prefer to draw instead.
    Can you please explain in more detail where you are at this current stage and who is backing you on this project? who are your book producers and so forth.
    I have done something like this a few years back but the person lacked management skills and i was left in the dark and loosing out.
    Mr Broom

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