Abigail’s website: graphic elements

Perhaps I should have done this at the beginning. Specify more what images I’ll be wanting on Abigail’s website, and to flesh out the actual ebook. Ah well, better late than never, here we go ….. 

Taking the ebook requirements first.

I have long memories of reading books when a child, and books where each chapter had a small sketch at the start are still vivid. A visual clue if you like of the delights to come. So for instance if chapter 5 had an important  incident involved a deckchair, there would be a little drawing of a deckchair, taking up perhaps the space for 5 or 6 lines, directly above ‘CHAPTER 5

So, with the first Abigail book, I need the following small B/W images, perhaps in silhouette:

  1. A gull, flying high in the sky
  2. An open door, beyond which is a muddy army parade ground.
  3. Treacle pudding, with loads of custard
  4. From behind, two girls walking. One girl in army battle fatigues, the other in a boiler suit. Boiler suited girl is insubstantial (she’s really a hologram)
  5. An open wardrobe drawer.
  6. An easy chair with a small white Bichon dog on it, curled up, asleep.
  7. A tablet computer. On it is written ‘trust no one.’
  8. A massage table
  9. The standard video camera icon
  10. A pair feet wearing army boots, seen from low down.
  11. A padlocked gate made from a grid of iron bars.
  12. The moon, a circular disc in the sky, with the tops of some jungle trees
  13. A meerkat standing to attention.
  14. A fence, with one of the posts pulled up and flat: someone has escaped
  15. The girl from 4 (in battle fatigues) looking up at the moon. But now she is a hologram.
  16. Three hyenas, loping along.
  17. A rifle being fired randomly into the air
  18. A vast night time sky, seen from a couple of miles up.

And then, for the Abigail website.

  1. Home page: as my atrocious sketches so:
    1. Abigail & George, screen high, to the left
    2. v-city(s), top, in a bleak, sand coloured landscape
    3. A curving city street with e-spiders, bottom
    4. Abigail books, 1,2,3, across the middle. Book 1 has an illustrated cover (currently under development) the other two titles only. (To be illustrated when available)
  2. Linked pages, consisting of text and images:
    1. A v-city seen from above, a giant column topped by a flat landing area, with a flyer aking off. The top 5 level of the city have panoramic windows: this is where the Haves live. Below them the spiralling streets, seen only by the way the plates are joined and bolted together. A few windows, grubby and rusting. Far far below, the bleak landscape as in 1.2 above
    2. A virtual friend: a friendly looking girl, wearing a boiler suit. She’s a hologram, so her face and body are the process of being constructed by a swarm of pixels.
    3. A night time city street. the hint of an e-spider.
    4. The complex, as seen from above, in the African jungle.

Obviously, as the books are rolled out and the story becomes more complex and expansive, there’ll be more and more things to add. But I think the outline above is enough for now.

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