Abigail Saltminder: the website

Several people have asked me what AbigailSaltminder.com will need, as a website.

OK, I think in the first place it has to be fairly simple. Yep, you can dream of something like Alex Rider, but that would be completely OTT for a series of books that haven’t been published yet and by an unknown writer to boot. Also, the more complex a site, the longer it would take to make, and TBH, I’m looking to publish Abigail sometime in July or August, September at the latest. And as the site needs to be live before the launch, we’ve got maybe 6 – 8 weeks.

I think perhaps the sticking point will be finding a graphic artist – of the right style – who can produce the images quickly enough.

More detail: visually, I tend to think the home page as in my atrocious sketch would be OK. The links could be embedded in the images (for instance, clicking on one of the v-cities would bring up a page with an atmospheric picture and some text).

But I really am open to ideas on this; I have limited visual imagination and if someone came along with something fresh and interesting that would be great.

Effectively, the site would be a home page + maybe 6 linked pages + space for comments and likes: the usual sort of thing. Obviously constructed for maximum SEO, smartphone/tablet friendly and capable of expansion in a couple of years when Abigail rules the world and we want to add games and videos and downloads and other goodies. (I wish).

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