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Hi. I’m Toby Zara.

Well, to tell true, I’m not Toby Zara, as that’s a pen name. I’m a writer, and I’ve created this blog as part of a marketing exercise to publicise a series of childrens books, which I will self-publish as an ebook. The central character of these books is called Abigail Saltminder. That’s why she turns up all over the place. She’s the one it’s all about.

My aim is to gain some sort of traction through social media. So I started this blog, thinking ‘Toby Zara’ needs a website, this can be it, jam packed with the sort of insightful stuff other writer blogs are so effortlessly full of. Toby would also have a Facebook page and join Twitter. I might have to do the same for Abigail: I’m not sure. I honestly don’t know much about social media.

So, bit by bit, I’m learning how this stuff works. Or to be more truthful, I’m hoping I’m learning how this stuff works. Me and Google.

My kids use Facebook, and I once had a twitter account for my tortoise, but that’s it. Incidentally, I thought my tortoise could tweet updates about his war with the rabbits, but within seconds of creating it I got an email saying Gordon Brown (then Prime Minister) was following me. I got scared and never used it again.

And not knowing about social media is a real handicap. So this blog has become my notebook for the whole marketing exercise. In it I note down what I’m trying to do, my plans for doing it and updates on how it’s going. So there are posts about:

  • The project
  • This blog
  • Self-publishing Abigail
  • Marketing

And then it occurred to me other writers might be interested in what I’m doing*, so I’ve written this introduction.

So: Welcome to my blog. Comments welcome. Constructive comments doubly welcome.

* I nearly used the dread term ‘my journey.’ The kiss of death.