GumTree diary

This is my diary of how I’m getting on with replies and responses to my ad(s) in Gumtree. I’ve done it in reverse date order, so if you want to start at the beginning, scroll down to the bottom and work your way up. When I have time I’ll try and insert links to items down the page, or even turn it into a series of posts

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Gumtree advert

Coming in from Gumtree? Follow this link

OK, so I have to craft this carefully. Needs to catch the attention.

I’ve just visited Gumtree, and had a look at posting an ad. Not a thing I’ve done before. And what d’you know: it’s a bit more structured than shoving a postcard in a shop window.

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So this is my latest big idea: Gumtree. I advertise on Gumtree for local people: a graphic artist and a web developer. And in exchange I offer equity in future Abigail profits. And to make sure they know what they’re getting into, I send them a link to the first Abigail story. They read it, maybe show it to a youngster to gauge reaction. If they think it’s a goer, they come along and have a chat.

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So I need a new marketing plan

Yep, OK, so my original plan won’t work because KickStarter has ethics. And I make no bones about this: I thoroughly approve.

But it kinda does leave me with a funding gap. So I’ve spent a day or so rootling about trying to find another source of funding.

And let’s be plain on this as well: by ‘source of funding’ I don’t mean taking out a loan. Oh dear me no. Loans have a fatal flaw in that at some point they’ll need repaying.

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Hints and Tips

Well, I’ve been beavering away now for quite a few weeks at this blog, and along the way I’ve learnt some stuff that doesn’t really fit into:  my does and don’ts. So I’ve started this post. To the more experienced blogger, they may seem obvious. Fine: as they say when the football results come up on the TV, if you don’t want to know the score, look away now.

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