So this is my latest big idea: Gumtree. I advertise on Gumtree for local people: a graphic artist and a web developer. And in exchange I offer equity in future Abigail profits. And to make sure they know what they’re getting into, I send them a link to the first Abigail story. They read it, maybe show it to a youngster to gauge reaction. If they think it’s a goer, they come along and have a chat.

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So I need a new marketing plan

Yep, OK, so my original plan won’t work because KickStarter has ethics. And I make no bones about this: I thoroughly approve.

But it kinda does leave me with a funding gap. So I’ve spent a day or so rootling about trying to find another source of funding.

And let’s be plain on this as well: by ‘source of funding’ I don’t mean taking out a loan. Oh dear me no. Loans have a fatal flaw in that at some point they’ll need repaying.

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A marketing plan is emerging

Yep, I seem to have formed some form of marketing strategy, or at the very least the next steps forward.

Someone once said something like ‘no plan survives the fog of war.’ OK, I’ve just had a Google, and it’s Clausewitz and the full quote is: ‘No campaign plan survives first contact with the enemy

So I’m probably not too badly off for the first couple of steps in my plan, but from then on it’s going to be a mess.

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