Adult Abigail on the way

OK, so I’ve been very quiet on this blog for a while. This post to confirm I have not died or lost interested or am now standing vacantly gazing at mushrooms in a supermarket. I am alive and well with all cylinders firing.

So, what have I been up to? Well, I am writing a version of the abigail story for adults. Why? Well the plot’s strong and sales of junior Abigail haven’t been in the millions. So a rewrite for an older audiance is in order. It’s quite refreshing to be able to shove in a bit of swearing and sex and to describe violent incidents that aren’t so anodyne they hardly exist.

And I can explore the characters some more. In the junior books I always felt the narrative drive was all, and pushing and pulling the characters along the story an imperative. But rewriting for an older audiance allows me to expand and breath.

It’s still exciting and a ripping good read. In fact it’s better.

I still need to decide what to call it, and if or not I should retire the junior version. But that’s for the future. Right now I am writing writing writing!

.. and of course I also need to decide what to do about this blog, which has largely I think served it’s original purpose. When I catch a break from adult Abigail, I’ll have a think, a consult and a re-organise.