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Hi. Welcome to my blog. This is ‘photo of a ‘photo of me 50+ years ago.

I Googled ‘what to write in about me in a blog’ and it came back with over half a million million hits. Amazing: if each were a penny I’d be a zillionaire. I skimmed through a couple: the first said make it feel like a warm hug and the second informed me it should be the soul of my blog.

So here’s a hug. I’ll have to come back to you about the soul.

OK, so, for those of you who haven’t read New reader? Start here, it’s ‘fess up time.

‘Toby Zara’ is a pen name, created because I am somewhat shy, cranky, rude and some way North of middle aged. Hardly the right person to head up a marketing campaign for an adventure book aimed at tender readers between the ages of 9(ish) and 12(ish).

But the photo of a photo is really is of me, taken (probably) in the 1960s, and I have to admit it’s quite nice channelling my inner teenager. But not the teenager I actually was (shy, cranky and rude, with an overwhelming feeling of total worthlessness) but the teenager I like to think I was (confident, sharp …. etc etc: the usual impossible attributes).

But writing as ‘Toby Zara’ immediately poses a problem. Am I going to tell you about me as I am now, with a liking for tea, cake and Mozart, or the teenager I was, with a liking for Tizer, waggon wheels and trad Jazz? And most of the references from that time will be meaningless to most. Bilko anyone?

And: other blogs seem crammed with photos of the author as action man/woman and selfies. Often you get the impression they do things for the sole purpose of putting them into their blog. Well, I don’t think anyone will find anything I do in the least interesting. Here I am walking the dog. Here I am walking the dog again. This is me typing. Here is me typing again. And oh look! I’ve fallen asleep in front of the TV.

I have never taken a selfie in my life, except a day or so ago, when I thought I might need one for this blog. But the result was so awful (aging mafia boss contemplating suicide) I have now deleted them.

If I continue to pose as ‘Toby Zara’, where are the images to come from? I have very few pictures of me at that age, and the one on display is by far the best.

And the avid readers of Abigail Saltminder’s adventures, hungry for knowledge about the author, certainly don’t want to read all this guff from an ancient crinkly who probably smells of pee.

Umm ….. quite a thought; I’ll have to think about it.

(A day or so later)

OK, have thought about it, and here’s what I’m going to do. Y’know those cartoon images you can get made from photos? OK, so if I get such a image of my photo of a photo, I can shove it into photos of other people doing interesting things. It’ll be so obvious no one can take offence. Only downside is it’ll mean I’ll have to learn yet another new skill (photoshop?). Oh well, keeps the ravages of old age at bay!

Have a look at Finding a cartoonised mugshot to see how I’m getting on.

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