the project

Hi. My name is Toby Zara.

I am developing this blog in order to market a series of children’s books I have written. They are aimed at 9 – 12 year olds. The central character is a feisty girl called¬†Abigail Saltminder¬†

At the moment the project is to self-publish and self-market the first book, offering it up for free on Amazon etc. If it goes well, then after a few months (years?) I’ll publish the next, for a small fee, and then the next and the next etc etc. I don’t expect to make a fortune, but it’s an interesting thing to do.

Now, having Googled around for a bit, it is clear just shoving a book out is unlikely to generate much interest, even if free. There are thousands upon thousands of other books out there, and (unless you’re lucky) your wonderful effort will be lost in all the noise.

It has to be marketed, so potential readers know it’s there. Simple to say, more difficult to do. Oh, for loads of money to pay an expert to do all this for me!

But I haven’t loads of money. However I do have loads of time.

So I’m creating this blog to record what I’m doing and how I’m doing it. It is intended to be both a part of the marketing exercise and perhaps of interest to other writers.

There are three basic interconnected strands in this Blog:

  • About this blog: how I created it and some helpful hints and tips and links to sites I’ve found helpful.
  • The things I do to market Abigail, like creating a Facebook page and using Twitter (neither of which I have used before.)
  • About self publishing: finding someone to create a cover page, building a network of interested people (I trust you are one) who – I hope – will then review Abigail which – if positive – will increase interest.

For the moment, I’ve organised these three strands into 3 categories. We’ll see how it goes.

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