God, writing is hard work

Well, here I am, in the mediterranean sunshine, going for a swim (occasionally) but for most of the time sat indoors tap tap tapping away at the next Abigail book. This is ‘the adventures of Abigail Saltminder 3: The Core.’ I should have it finished by the time I leave for home.

Writing is hard work.

A3 is full of action. Almost too full I sometimes think, as with all the running about and things happening I’m not sure I have given my characters room to breath and develop. At the moment it’s a bit like the first (and way the best) Indiana Jones film but with all the dull bits taken out. It’s easy to get lost in the tactics and forget the strategy.

The man with the gun comes through the door, there’s a mad climax and then you think ‘how can I top that?’ so here comes a man with a machine gun and after him, a squad of evil marines equipped with rocket launchers.

And what happens with your main characters? They’re just running about like marionettes and remain – like marionettes – wooden and expressionless.

And who wants to read about puppets? Yeah, OK, I’m a bit of a ‘Thunderbirds are Go!!’ fan as well.

Nothing’s easy. I’m going for a swim. Later. Perhaps. Maybe.

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