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‘Abigail Saltminder’ is the central character in a series of short children’s books I have started writing and intend self-publishing on Amazon and other platforms. There will be 6 books, each of about 20,000 words. I have written the first two and am about a third of the way through the third. Together, the books form one continuous redemptive tale.

I’d better note here that it was rejected by at least six agents or publishers, and when I sent it to a literary consultant (specialising in kids books) she told me in effect to go away and do something else. Advice she didn’t even bother charging me for. But I have faith. So does my dog. Not sure about the wife.

Abigail is a feisty lass living in (yet another) dystopian future. It’s simply written and fast paced. I have to confess I’m a bit of a ‘Thunderbirds are go!‘ fan, admiring the way they cheerfully cram action into every second of every minute of every half hour episode. And that’s what I’m trying to do with the Abigail stories.

Briefly: mankind is living in giant decaying towers called v-cities. The v stands for vertical. Society has broken down into 3 classes: the Haves, who live at the top in sumptuous apartments, the street dwellers, who live below them in the vast rusting maze of streets and rooms that make up the bulk of the tower, and the Undersiders, who scratch a precarious living on the ground. At night, when the sun goes down, the streets become the hunting grounds for the e-spiders: extremely fast robotic killers slightly bigger than a fist. No one knows where they come from, but they appear every night and ruthlessly slaughter anyone they find.

Abigail Saltminder is a street dweller, about 18 years of age. Maybe younger: she doesn’t know. She is small, round, shrewd, decisive and very tough. On a sudden whim, she joins the Space Army, known as the ‘Sparmy.” And that’s where we first meet her, doing basic training, in a field, failing to clamber over a fence. A sergeant starts shouting at her, and the story begins.

Over six books she finds she has special powers, meets other people with powers and goes on an epic journey, where she discovers her own origins and finally brings about the end of the v-cities.

As soon as I have a cover, I’ll shove it out on this website!

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