Marketing a self published kids ebook

You want to self publish a kids ebook on Amazon? So do I. You also want to do the marketing for your ebook? So do I. You want to write a blog about how it’s going? Probably not, and frankly I don’t blame you. But I’ve started. I’ll try to finish.

This blog is not about how to write an adventure story for kids. For better or worse, I’ve done that. It’s about the steps I’m taking to get it out there and get it noticed.

The things I’ve learnt, so you don’t have to. The things I’m learning, so you won’t have to.

The mistakes I’ve made (loads) and the triumphs I’ll have (zero so far).

My central character is called Abigail Saltminder. So when the ebook about her appears on Amazon, you can read and review. You can get your kids to read and review. You can encourage them to tell their pals. It’ll be inexpensive. It’s a good read, fast and pacy with escapes and action and animals and space rockets and good guys and bad guys. Never a dull moment.

And – as it’s a series – the second ebook should be available a few months later, at (but of course) a modest cost.

So off we go, one step at a time. I’m learning about blogging, self publishing and marketing.

If you’re doing the same and want to join in then write comments. Advise. I’ll do my best to respond. Give me a thumbs up and send a link to your friends.

BTW, this is going to be the cover of the first book. Getting the cover has been a saga like you wouldn’t believe, to coin a cliche. Click  here for some of the cover image epic.

And when I have more images, I’ll make it a gallery – if I can work out how.

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